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John F Kippley

The article by Christine Gardner was published in the Wall Street Journal Online about a year ago, August 18, 2006. She mentions the Torrodes, and thus the article is dated, for they have reverted to the acceptance of contraception. For information on Protestants who have led the way in the small Protestant rejection of contraception and acceptance of Natural Family Planning, see "Not Just for Catholics" on the Home Page of my website below. By and large, Evangelical Protestants share the Liberal Protestant commentment to unnatural forms of sex. The periodic abstinence of systematic NFP generally involves carrying the daily cross of Jesus regarding the control of our sexual inclinations. It appears that the liberal position among Catholics and Protestants and Orthodox alike is that "modern man" is exempt from the evangelical teaching of the need to accept the daily cross as the price of Christian discipleship, at least as far as sexuality is concerned. No wonder the country is in decline.

John F. Kippley
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