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Ha ha, this post is right on. While reviewing for my upcoming Con Law final, a class that borders on the ridiculous, I have been faced with certain stark observations about how "fundamentalist" this country was in its founding, and how it continues to be so today. Witness: laws sterilizing the "unfit", city zoning restrictions forbidding certain family members from living together, laws forcing Catholics to go to public school, laws forbidding and regulating who can and cannot marry, laws that take children away from their parents if the parents are not "legally married" with the state, and on and on. This current post detailing the news event is no exception. It is just another manifestation of the state functioning as a quasi-church. If you do not have a visible church that speaks on faith AND morals, then you need a heavy handed strong state to carry out your agenda. Witness the evangelicals and fundamentalists trying to legislate this and that. I think that is where you will find your basis of why the state thinks it can go after polyagamists. The state has been overrun with atheists and materialists, but there is still this last remnant of "exceptions" that the state can go after.

Modernists do not care about polygamy, bestiality, etc. They only show face that such conduct is despicable b/c they want to appear "normal" too. You mentioned "wife swapping"; good point, hey on any average night in New York politicians like Guiliani or famous Hollywood stars basically engage in the same deviancies. Modernist views on sexuality basically encourage and provide a legitimate basis for this behavior.

Ah, so this person in the renegade church is to be persecuted by the state not so much because of his behavior, but because of the threat posed by his beliefs.

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