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Well we can agree that the Mormons get at least some things right! We have a 25 x 25 foot garden full of vegetables, and we are growing berries too. We are also looking into raising chickens. Part of it is for economic reasons as you say and other parts have to do with avoiding the government subsidized agriculture/food corporations that poison, drug, and pollute our food. And perhaps part of it has to do with the perhaps coming crisis. As our friend has demonstrated however, we must avoid being labeled as a "compound" to avoid state intrusion. Recall the constitutional law case where the feds shut down and fined a guy just trying to grow food for himself because it might "influence national prices." And we have a "free economy?"

Casey Khan

That's the evil Wickard v. Filburn wheat case.


We haven't started our garden yet but we will soon. I've been saying for awhile that we should go to costco and git one of 'em 50 lb bags of rice, but never got around to it. Maybe we'll do that this weekend, if there's any left...

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