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Here is a better link to the story:

Ironically, at this baseball game all of the fans probably sung the arrogant song, "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch. Sure, God really is and should bless a nation that provides for the state to break up and destroy the family by its police and naziesque bureaucrats. Ironically, you mention John Calvin in your post. It was he and his successors that made this story come about because it is based on a typically fundamentalist-gnostic persception that alcohol in and of itself is toxic and poisonous...until one reaches 21 years old that is. I am not advocating giving children high amounts of alcohol or even strong liquor, but this story is more reflective of that fundamentalist worldview, which was in part what the country began as--a Protestant Puritan police state.


I only mention the theologian by extension - I was referring to the cartoon character named after the him(Calvin & Hobbes). I don't think John Calvin actually said anything about lemons.

I figure if the nanny-staters think it's okay to teach kindergartners about their changing bodies and Heather's two mommies, it should be okay to make them connoisseurs of fine scotch and cigars, too. I mean, as long as we're doing away with childhood...

Casey Khan

Remember as fathers, watch out for the ever present eye of the state.

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