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We own that film. Great review. Have you seen "Children of Men" yet? Highly recommended - but most wives I know think it's "too intense."

joseph breslin

It occurs to me that cloned babies would still need suragate "birthing mothers" wouldn't they? How could they accomplish this without an army of blood-type-compatible women willing to do bear and bring to term (or at least viability) someone else's child? I sometimes think all this stuff on television about surrogate moms (there's at least one sitcom and numerous documentary type things) is meant to soften us up to the idea. WEll that's probably a little paranoid but it wouldn't be the first time. I can see it now "Want to serve your community and get paid? Your womb can save a life!"


Joseph, hey maybe even the Feds could allow a "tax deduction or credit" to stimulate demand!

Joseph Breslin

Good point Scott. I assume Republicans would take the "conservative" tax-credit route while Democrats would demand the "the government pay for it". We would then have a very meaningful debate about which method was "better for America". I can just hear the Dems now: "Poor people who make less than $ 10,000 a year don't pay taxes anyway! What good is a cloning tax cut! It only benefits rich people!" "No no!" retorts a Republican "If we subsidize cloned babies...we'll just have a bunch of cloned black babies running around. We believe in equal cloning for everyone."

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