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Dear Cardinal George,
If we truly behave has Calvenists then you have, of course, preached continually and required your parish priests to preach continually, as to the dangers of this mindset.
Whats that, you say? You have not preached this and have not asked/told/demanded your priests do the same?
O, OK. Well, there you have it. We continue to hear the drival which passes as sermon each and every week from our pulpits and you wonder why Ceasar has the stronger influence.
So, your excellency, its all very interesting to speak about this to your fellow bishops, I'm sure they all nodded in agreement, but how about delivering this message to those who need to hear it and to hear it frequently?

M.J. Ernst-Sandoval

That is a fabulous article. None was more shocked than I, moving from a Spanish Catholic home in the Southwest to attend an East Coast university. This article sums up my experiences very well.

Nixon is Lord

Well, Latin Americans seem determined to move to the Calvinist USA by the millions; there must be something better about us than their cultures. If you can't feed what you breed, there's a serious deficiency in your culture. If you have to bribe people to do basic things, there's a problem. If you are dirty and uneducated, you'd probably like to be clean and literate.
You romanticise poverty to help people feel better about their inferiority. This is patronizing. I'd rather be a Protestant New Englander than a Catholic Mexican or Argentine or Brasilian. No comparison.

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