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Either we export our bombs to other countries to fireblast the people into submission to the god of democracy or we export our cash to make third world nations more "civilized" and "enlightened" like the West. For as much bad policy that has come out of the Bush administration, I think he should be commended for immediately ending the continued financing of abortion aid. An answer to this craziness should come from the locals as in this film and particularly the bishops. Call her like she is, an elitist white liberal whose parents probably pampered her ass up and down the eastern ivy. Why is it that her treatment and ideology is not considered racist?


One more thing, I love the irony when so-called western capitalists praise the world bank, imf, or any of these other Keynesian socialist monsters when these organizations specifically require countries, many of which are traditionally Catholic, to adopt libertine abortion and contraceptive social policy. Many stipulate aid packages (most of which do more harm than good economically and socially) on overturning abortion laws.

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